Solar Bollards Light

The Solar Bollard Light is an attractive, modern bollard that operate in a fully automatic mode.  The lights automatically switch ON in the evening and switch OFF in the morning.

  • Made of heavy duty corrosion resistant material and made for commercial use.
  • Excellent light output as compared to others.
  • Stainless steel powder coated satin black finish
  • Ideal for illuminating paths and walkways
  • Automatic light sensor turns LEDs on and off for dusk to dawn operation
  • 10 to 12 hour light output per night
  • Commercial grade solar lighting
  • High quality inbuilt lithium battery
  • Bolt-down installation

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SKU: AB-SB800-260LED


    • Size: 800mm

Solar bollards harness natural sunlight, converting sun rays into electricity via solar panels and store this electrical energy into purposely designed long life batteries. At night the light is then produced by drawing back from the battery.

These solar light bollards are ideal for illuminating pathways, complementing resorts, outdoor function areas and creating a relaxed ambiance.

These solar bollard lights have become a viable alternative to fixed wiring systems. It is economical to run, reliable and low maintenance eliminating the need for underground wiring.

With the effects of global warming, due to our dependency on fossil fuels, solar bollard lights is a logical alternative. Environmental friendly, with a zero carbon footprint, solar power generation is the way for future.